Art Classes

Teaching Format

Ms. Marcy believes that art should be fun, so that the creative process can flow. Each child is asked to pick an image from our library, such as a landscape, seascape, still life, or wildlife. Then, the student is guided by Ms. Marcy to draw the image, training the eye to draw what it sees. They will learn the fundamentals of acrylic painting, such as color mixing, highlights, shadows, values, and contrasts. The last 20 minutes of class is geared to a fun drawing contest that enhances memory and drawing skills.

What is Included?

At What Age Can My Child Start?

 What Do I Need to Bring?

All paints, brushes, and drawing materials are included in tuition price. Canvasses (size 9 x 12) will also be provided. If you would like to bring a larger canvas, you are free to do so.
Your child may start as early as 4 years old. Student level is on an individual basis as students work on individual projects guided by Ms. Marcy.

Please have your child wear old clothes, as the acrylic paint will stain permanently. Aprons can be provided if needed. 

Teen and Adult Classes are also available. Contact the studio for more information.
Portfolio assistance also available upon request.